Vince Delmonte

Vince DelmonteVince Delmonte is one of the most highly recognized names in the fitness/workout world. He’s a successful competitor in fitness model contests, but he has also developed a unique, successful, multi-faceted program that can help you burn unwanted fat and build muscle mass. You’ve never seen the likes of his program before.

He built his success from scratch. Delmonte was a skinny dude while he was growing up – so much so that his childhood nickname was “Skinny Vinny.” Determined to turn his life around, he learned what it takes to turn a string-bean body into something so sculpted that women drooled and men turned green with envy.

For a while, though, nothing he did seemed to work. Even training for triathlons didn’t help. Before he figured it all out, Vince Delmonte was what you could call a victim of “muscle-unfriendly genes.” But then he learned how to transform his body and added 40 pounds of rock-hard muscle onto his 150-pound frame. Now, he’s a personal trainer and the author of a remarkable eBook that shares his secrets with the world.

His program, aptly called No Nonsense Muscle Building, takes a “no-nonsense” approach toward nutrition, flexibility training and endurance training. It creates the type of muscle balance that most fitness programs ignore. The 200+ pages of No Nonsense Muscle Building unlock the key to building muscle fast.

Because of his “skinny dude” background, Vince Delmonte is especially serious about helping people who simply have been unable to build muscle mass. Now, instead of “Skinny Vinny,” Vince Delmonte is being called the world’s #1 “Skinny Guy Expert.” And No Nonsense Muscle Building is being rated as the #1 muscle-building eBook on the Internet.

Delmonte’s work, which includes No Nonsense Muscle Building, Your Six Pack Quest and Ultimate Muscle Advantage, has helped more than 20,000 people lose fat, build muscle and develop the six-packs they want. But he doesn’t stop helping people there. He’s a contributor to a number of popular magazines that cater to the fitness/workout world, including Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness, and he serves on the advisory team of Maximum Fitness.

Clearly, Vince Delmonte is one of the big names in the fitness/workout world. He “gets” what it takes for skinny dudes to build muscle and power-up their bodies, and he’s used his degree in Kinesiology and his personal experience to help thousands around the world reach the potential within themselves. NoNonsenseMuscleBuildingis a muscle-building program that makes you work, but if you follow Delmonte’s instructions and apply yourself diligently, you can create the body of your dreams. You just need the sort of “Can Do” attitude Vince himself had while he was still a “skinny dude.” The program Delmonte developed is a unique, 100% drug-free regimen that combines various nutritional principles and a number of diverse exercises. The result is a complete roadmap for an effective muscle-building, fat-burning plan.

Delmonte wasn’t blessed with a frame that let him build muscle mass easily. When he was younger, he couldn’t even get his weight up to 150 pounds. But he worked hard, and now he’s 190 pounds of ripped, muscular power and rock-hard abs. He’s a great example to keep you motivated, and his program includes all you’ll need to accomplish the same thing yourself.

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