Rusty Moore

To Rusty Moore, adding untargeted muscle mass is vastly overrated. In fact, Moore believes adding muscle to the wrong places can actually ruin your appearance. His website lets you know right up front that gaining 20 pounds of muscle won’t impress anyone if 15 pounds of that new muscle has been added to your butt or some other undesirable place.

Instead of teaching people to reduce their body fat and build muscle mass indiscriminately, Rusty Moore focuses on helping people achieve targeted weight and muscle gain. In other words, he helps you add muscle to specific parts of your body, not just willy-nilly.

He has developed a fitness/workout course called Visual Impact Muscle Building, and he says it takes an approach to muscle-building that is totally different than every other workout course out there. That’s saying a lot, because an almost overwhelming number of fitness and workout programs are floating around on the Internet. Creating one that’s entirely different from all the rest must have been quite a task.

So, who is Rusty Moore and how is Visual Impact Muscle Building not just different, but better than all the other fitness and workout courses? Well, Moore focuses on what he likes to call the “lean Hollywood Look.” And over the past few years his website has been one of the busiest on the Internet.

Moore started training in the late 1980s, and like just about everyone else back then, he figured he’d need to lift more and more weight in order to make his muscles bigger. He discovered that while relentlessly lifting progressively heavier weights can indeed pack on the muscle, there are other ways to achieve the same result. And some of those methods don’t involve straining your muscles and joints quite as badly as the old-style techniques. Moore discovered how to make lighter weights “work” your muscles just as much as heavier weights – and more than enough to add the type of muscle most people want.

Now, Rusty Moore and his Visual Impact Muscle Building program concentrate on helping men and women attain the lean but muscular physiques that are so prevalent in today’s Hollywood movie stars – not the over-pumped, over-bulked bodies of the old-style bodybuilders back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Visual Impact Muscle Building uses science and a number of tested techniques to help people create a lean, muscular, sexy body. Moore’s techniques lead to reduced body fat and enhanced muscle “density,” but not necessarily bigger muscles.
According to Rusty Moore, the endless repetitions of the “big three” lifts (bench presses, deadlifts and squats) that are recommended by certain other fitness/workout programs adds muscle in the wrong places and will almost certainly create an unappealing, overly bulked-up physique. Visual Impact Muscle Building guides men and women in how to create the kind of razor-sharp, angular, leanly muscled physique of a movie star like Brad Pitt, whose body looks like his skin has been “shrink-wrapped” over his muscles.

Thousands of people have tried Visual Impact Muscle Building and had great success. If you want a well-defined, cut, lean body like Taylor Lautner, Jude Law, Will Smith or Brad Pitt, you should pay attention to Rusty Moore and his fitness/workout program. If you want to look overly-muscular and overly-pumped like the old-style, outdated bodybuilders, you’ll need to go somewhere else.

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