Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentage is an important factor in determining whether or not to begin a weight loss program. By understanding what the ideal body fat percentage is you will be better prepared to take on such a monumental endeavor. Most weight loss programs today consider that using measurements of body fat and inches rather than keeping track of the numbers on the scales to be more accurate markers of success. If you would like to know how to accurately measure your own body fat without having to visit a nutritionist or your doctor, keep reading.

First, you will want to know why having a healthy body fat percentage is important to your overall health. This is simply a measurement of the amount of fat that is stored in your body. Obtaining the ideal body fat percentage will mean that you will often have to lose weight unless you are already under your ideal weight and then you might have to eat a bit more and gain some.

There is more than just fat that makes up our bodies. All of us are also made up of certain amounts of muscle as well as water, and they also contribute to the overall weight. Most people who begin a weight loss program intend to lose fat, but sometimes important fluids and muscle are lost as well. Muscle is important to our health and well being, but when we only depend on the scales to prove success, we are missing out on some critical information.

While fat is also important to our bodies, it is the excess of body fat percentage that is troublesome. Fat is used as insulation for the tissues and organs of our bodies, and it also acts to cushion bones and regulate our body temperature. Too much fat though can lead to an array of health conditions like heart disease, elevated cholesterol, stroke, and eventually death. Finding your ideal body fat percentage and maintaining it should be the goal of everyone.

There are a number of tools that can be used to measure body fat percentage, but one of the easiest ones is with an online calculator for fat. With the wide array to select from, (there are some free ones) to be found online that are amazingly accurate, you should have no troubles finding one that you can be successful with. All you will have to do is answer some questions and the calculator will do the rest. After you have found your body fat percentage, you will then be able to determine what your ideal body fat percentage should be.

Once you have determined what the ideal body fat percentage is for you, you will then be able to take steps to achieve it. Using a healthy diet and exercise program is the best way to reach your goal. It will not happen overnight, but with a consistent effort, you should be able to obtain it within a reasonable amount of time.

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